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In our Meet the Winners series, we’ll be speaking with some of those who walked away from the 2022 Digital Revolution Awards with one of our sought-after trophies.

Sathishkumar Manickam is the captain of Cognizant UK’s football team as well as their Chief Architect. Cognizant were joint winners in our Tech for Good category, with a self-organized task force of more than 400 volunteers in Nairn, Scotland, that found a way to mobilize volunteer support and relief during the Covid-19 pandemic. The app they created saw more than 2,500 volunteers register to support a community of 260,000 people, with a wider roll-out also planned.

How did you enjoy your Digital Revolution Awards experience?

It was great to see such brilliant projects competing in various categories and all the winners. The event was very professional—the afterparty and the host were great too, I really loved it.

Were there any other winners or nominees who really stood out to you?

The Winners of the Digital Transformation Project of the Year, Intelogy. I think it’s simply superb.

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to be recognized at next year’s awards?

Technology is something that everyone uses. Focus on the value that the project has delivered, how it can scale and the real quantifiable benefits.

How important do you think it is that we celebrate success in the cloud? What impact does it have on the tech community?

It is key that we celebrate the successes because everyone is either on their cloud journey or already in the cloud. These successful projects demonstrate how to do the right thing with the technology.

Is there anyone you forgot to thank in your acceptance speech that you’d like to acknowledge here?

I didn’t, but I would like thank the entire leadership group at Cognizant who supported us unconditionally. My team, the A-team—there were seven of us who stood with me day and night in creating this platform, and our families who gave us that space to go do this project.

Finally, where will you display your trophy?

On my work desk. It will motivate me every time I see it, and remind me again and again that we need to make sure there is value in everything that we create.

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